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11 Tips for accelerating Weight Loss

girl accelerates weight loss
Accelerating weight loss grants self confidence.

You might want to add that extra acceleration when it comes to losing weight. Following a few simple steps, can help you boost the rhythm off your weight loss. This suggestions are available for almost every type of weight loss diet or losing weight program.

The tips provided within this article are general advices and can be applied easily. You might find that you know about some or all of them, but perhaps you where not aware of their real importance for this subject.

11 Tips for accelerating Weight Loss
1. You should eat potatoes, bread and cereals in low amounts!
2. Avoid sweets as much as you can!
3. Drink at least 2 liters of water every day!
4. Eat only vegetables that are recommended with your diet! (depending on the weight loss diet that you follow)
5. Spice the food just with very small amounts of salt, pepper, garlic, onion, lemon, olive oil!
6. Prepare the food only using the boiling, hot steam and grill cooking techniques!
7. DO NOT skip any main meal of a day!
8. DO NOT drink alcohol. You can drink a glass of wine a week, preferably a red wine range.
9. If you can not quit sweets, you are allowed to eat a cake but before 12 o’clock, preferably around 11am.
10. If one day you have eaten more than regularly, the next day you should eat less in order to balance it.
11. Sleep between 7-8 hours each night. No more and no less!

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