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4 Traditional healing plants

marigolds traditional healing plants
Natural healing: mint, sweet basil, chamomile and marigolds.

When I have a minor health problem, I always try to cure it with natural methods. Plants are usually very helpful in curing the everyday general health problems. The plants are mostly used in the form of tea but there are a lot of other healing methods. I remind you about natural baths with different plants, different syrups made from plants, poultices and compresses that are directly applied on the wounds.

All these traditional healing methods cure different diseases starting with headaches and migraines and ending with acne, burns and osteoporosis. Below are some good advices if you want to use the natural medicine before applying for pills when threating a minor health problem

The mint leaves are recognized for their rich content in C vitamin, mineral salts and antibiotic substances.
Recommended for:
– The treatment of the daily headaches and the migraines;
– The amelioration of the digestion;
– The treatment of the respiratory problems, of coldness and asthma;
– The gastric-intestinal disturbances and in the case of indigestion;
– The treatment of liver disease;
– Fighting the ugly smelling breath.
Traditional healing methods
Tea: a cup of tea 3 times a day, after every meal. In 100 ml of boiled water add 2 teaspoons of mint leaves and let them 10 minutes to infuse.
Bath: add 200 grams of mint leaves in 3 liters of boiled water and let the recipient covered around 20 minutes. After that strain this composition. The obtain liquid should be poured into the bathtub. You can have a 15 minutes bath now.

Sweet basil
This plant is rich in volatile oils and because of that it’s a good sedative.
Recommended in:
– Gastritis;
– Sleeplessness;
– Nervousness;
– Megrims;
– Depletion;
– Intestinal colics;
– Pains articulation;
– Rheumatism ;
– Menopause ;
– Poor blood circulation.
Traditional healing methods:
Tea: a cup of tea 2 times a day. One of them should be drunk after dinner though. In 200 ml of boiled water put 1 teaspoon of mint leaves and let them around 10 minutes to infuse.
Syrup: every morning put 5-6 drops in your milk or tea. You should put 75 g of dry plant in 1 liter of water and sweeten with honey-bee.
Poultice: the poultice from fresh crushed leaves of sweet basil should be applied directly on the wound for amazing results.

The chamomile is one of the most used plants.
Recommended in:
– Depletion;
– Stomachaches;
– Menstrual disturbances;
– Sleeplessness;
– Fever;
– Toothaches;
– Conjunctivitis;
– Cutaneous eruptions;
– Gastritis;
– Sinusitis;
– Asthma;
– Rheumatism.
Traditional healing methods:
Tea: drink a cup of tea after every meal. In 250 ml of boiled water put 3 teaspoons of chamomile flowers and let them around 10 min to infuse before drinking them.
Compress: you should apply a compress with chamomile tea on your head or on the wound.
Bath: add into your bathtub 300 grams of chamomile flowers and take an around 30 minutes bath.

They are a source of vitamins and carotenes.
Recommended in:
– Gastritis;
– Gastric ulcer;
– Duodenal ulcer;
– Piles;
– Liver disease;
– Menstrual disturbances;
– Acne;
– Burns;
– Osteoporosis.
Traditional healing methods:
Tea: drink a cup of tea 3 times a day. In 300 ml of boiled water put 2 teaspoons of marigolds and let them about 10 min to infuse. After that enjoy your tea.
Compress: 20 grams of marigolds should be allowed to macerate with 100 ml of alcohol. The maceration should last around 8 days. After that mix it up with 90 grams of boiled water. The added water should be cold once the mixture is prepared, this means that you have to leave to cool down after you boil it. The resulted mixture should be applied on the wound.

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