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5 Tips to stay in Shape after the 40th Birthday

tips to stay in shape
Tips to stay in shape

Second aged people are more vulnerable when it comes to weight loss. It is known that the more you age the harder it gets to lose the extra kilograms. This is why I find it important to share with you a few tips. This tips target especially those that have passed their 40th birthday.

Tips to stay in shape after the 40th Birthday
1. You should eat very slow pace!
If you eat fast then you will end up eating more. When you eat in a slow rhythm, the gustatory papillae will feel the food savor and you will saturate faster.

2. You should eat the aliments, which usually are known as nourishments that can add weight, only in the morning.
This way, you don’t have to quit to the high caloric foods. You can also keep eating sweets. The most important thing is that you should eat them in the morning. Our body will have enough time during the day to burn the ingested calories.

3. Finish a meal before you feel filled-up!
If you eat until you feel satiated, you will eat more than you need and in this way your stomach will bulk up.

4. Eat vegetables during the dinner!
Vegetables soup or a salad of crudities are recommended to be consumed during the dinner. This aliments are rich in vitamins, minerals fill your stomach easily and offer you the sensation of satiety.

5. Eat wisely!
Older people should already understand that the food that we eat has an important role for your health. This is why I don’t think that I have to repeat once again that you should eat wisely and calculated.

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