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Hi all I am Liana.

I am writing here at the Weight Loss Note out of passion. I am preoccupied about my general health and fitness level as I always want to be in shape and have a healthy way of life. As mentioned above, this blog is made out of passion. It’s my first blog and to be honest, my brother had pretty much to do with the technical part of this website. I am the one responsible with the content and with the interaction with our visitors. My brother only assures that the Weight Loss Note is live and functional. So, with other words I could say that I am the owner of this health website.

Me at the Weight Loss Note!
It’s a pleasure for me to share with you daily weight loss and general health tips. Since I was a little girl, I was preoccupied by this things. I have here at home some huge numbers of magazines and during my activity here at the Weight Loss Note I will post the most interesting things that I find and that I already applied and found them working.

I started my activity here at the Weight Loss Note since April 2008 and would like to grow a nice readership community with people that care about their health and the shape of their body. I have many plans for this concept. As I like to interact with people I thought about many options to give you the possibility to add your touch here at the Weight Loss Note. But I will embed them as time will pass and of course caring about the feedback that you offer. Please don’t hesitate to post a comment whenever you have an idea, a suggestion or a correction.

Being a sports fan encourages me to pledge for weight loss programs that are focused on sports, fitness and movement in favor of other diets that include massive pill intake recipes and other stuff that is not based on natural weight loss.
I will lay extra weight on losing the unnecessary kilograms trough fitness exercises combined with natural and well balanced eating habits.

More things about me:
To sum things up let me share a few more facts about me. On the professional level I just ended with success my University studies. During my free time I like to shop of course, I always play sports. My favorites are tennis, swimming, fitness and aerobics. Of course, I like to go out Saturday’s in the disco and to have a nice 2 weeks summer holiday at the sea side.

Bye for now,