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Adidas adiStar Control 5 Running Shoes

adidas adistar control 5 men
Adidas adiStar Control 5 Men

Our series of jogging related articles continues with this presentation of the Adidas adiStar Control 5 running shoes. As everyone knows, Adidas are one of the biggest footwear manufacturers in the world. Advanced technology and researches have allowed them to create jogging shoes that can make the difference.
Running with proper footwear will help you have a more comfortable training session.The Adidas adiStar Control 5 running shoes generation has options for both men and women. You can view the shoes in the above embedded images. Let me share a few words about them.

Adidas adiStar Control 5 Review and Description
This Adidas footwear edition obtains high appreciations on almost all the comparison levels. The adiStar Control 5 running shoe is rated with 9 out of 10 for performance, comfort and overall experience both the men and women editions.

They protect your legs from harmful impacts with the help of the adiPrene insert.
This feature is very important from my point of view. I am running around 2-3 miles per session, twice a week. Before I used professional running shoes, after each session my legs and especially the tibiae section, where hurting. It was not an unbearable pain and I was feeling it only when I had bigger impacts during the day. But getting rid of this problem was a great thing for me. That’s why I want to introduce you a few professional running shoes.

The Control 5 does a wonderful job when it comes to stability and smoothness of the ride. It has a broader mid-foot section and you will find that your foot will fit-in almost perfectly.

The weight of this shoes is at around 12.9 oz for the mens edition and 11.2 oz for the womens edition. Although you might think that they are heavy, they don’t feel heavy at all during a jogging session.

Adidas adiStar Control and ForMotion technologyVideo
This video explains the advantages that the new Adidas Control and ForMotion technologies provide. Got the video from Youtube and it’s a Spanish edition. But you will get the point from the images.

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