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Alcohol Abuse can lead to Overweight

alcohol abuse leads to overweight
Alcohol abuse leads to overweight

Alcohol has an important influence on the human weight. Studies proved that it pretty much depends on the amounts of alcohol drunk. Decent intakes of beer or other alcoholic drinks will not harm our general health. More, it is widely known that a glass of red wine is recommended daily in order to prevent heart diseases.

On the other side, you need to avoid large intakes of alcohol during short time intervals. An example would be the holidays, when people usually exaggerate with eating and drinking. It has been proved that large consumption of wine or any other alcoholic drink during short time frames, result in a substantial boost of extra kilograms.
The alcohol messes up the liver functions and helps the water accumulation in the human tissue. This means that our body will retain more water as usual. More, exaggerated amounts of alcohol can cause sudden and strong hunger sensations, because it disturbs the activity of our central nervous system.

The recommended amounts of wine intake are two glasses of wine during the main meal. You can double it, by diluting the wine with soda water. You should obtain a sufficient amount in this case.

Alcohol Abuse can lead to Overweight – Beer
The biggest danger for our silhouette is provided by beer drinking. If you consider that beer is one of the most consumed alcoholic drink by the males, you have the answer why many guys have weight problems.

Beer enlarges our body’s capacity of assimilation. This is caused by the estrogens contained by this drink. Beer can lead to additional kilograms even if we have a normal eating diet and don’t overeat ourselves.
The extra fats that are deployed on our body will be accumulated especially in the abdominal region and waist.

As a solution I recommend you to replace beer with mineral water, or diluted wine with soda water.

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