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Avoid carbonated Juices and live healthier

avoid carbonated juices
Avoid carbonated juices

Time to warn you about carbonated juices. This type of drinks are usually not natural and cause mostly only negative effects on your body. The carbonated drinks as Coke, Pepsi and other similar stuff are particularly harmful for children.

This juices, especially does containing caffeine are the most harmful. Studies have proved that a child drinking 1.5 liters of carbonated drinks during a week will suffer from a considerable Calcium deficit. This leads to propagation of cardio-vascular diseases and the diminution of the mental capacities.

Another negative effect would be the lack of sleep. A child drinking carbonated juice that contains caffeine will suffer from lack of sleep and will have a general bad shape during the whole day. This eventually leads to increased stress and nervousness levels, which makes the child harder to control.

The Caffeine has also long term negative effects. Regular consumption weakens the internal organs and makes them vulnerable to further illnesses during the later stages of a human life.

The carbonated juices also have a negative effect on everyone that searches for weight loss. The CO2 contained by this drinks leads to acid accumulation in your stomach which eventually results in a distended belly.

As a general conclusion, no matter of your age, try to avoid carbonated juices.

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