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Body Toning and Weight Loss With Boxing

boxing for weight loss
Boxing has been labeled as a though sport without taking into consideration the fact that it has been the sport practiced by gentlemen since it has been invented. But boxing is much more! It’s a complex sport that builds physical strength and mobility, relieves stress. You can even lose weight with boxing and get a total body toning. In fact, it has many health benefits most of which are still unknown to us.

But we know it’s cold and it’s very difficult to exercise outdoors, so we recommend you to stand out and try a sport that it’s less common especially for women. But first, let’s find out what are the health benefits of boxing and what does a boxing training session mean.

Boxing relieves stress
There is no physical contact while boxing unless you specifically ask for such a contact to your coach. What’s truly important is that boxing does not promote nor cultivate aggressiveness. It’s a sport that educates, relieves mental stress and frustrations and makes you more serene, calmer, and more relaxed. Moreover, boxing can give you self-confidence, it teaches you how to defend yourself and it teaches you how to go beyond your physical and psychological limits.

Boxing improves breathing, flexibility and movement coordination
One of the main benefits of practicing boxing is that it improves breathing capacity and helps increase your body’s flexibility. Moreover, boxing can make you smoke less. For instance, if you are a smoker that ‘burns up’ two or even three packs of cigarettes per day, you will get to smoke only 10 cigarettes per day. Furthermore, boxing is recommended in the post-traumatic recovery process because it restores the body’s mobility and coordination. Not to mention that boxing is very good for losing weight and body toning because it’s a sort of cardio training. Boxing weight loss is not simple though because this sport works on every single muscle of your body and it specifically strengthens legs, back, abs and arms. Besides, it’s cheaper, more efficient and more connected to sport discipline than its ‘cousin’, tae-bo.

What does a boxing training session imply?
A boxing training session begins with a special warm-up exercise, gymnastics, steps and movements study in front of a mirror, and it continues with palming and punching the boxing bags. At the end, the coach can ask you to do some floor exercises or with the medical ball. The training sessions differ from one session to another and you can choose from training individually or in a group. Also, you can box at the gym as well as at home under the supervision of a personal coach. Boxing is not a sport dedicated exclusively to men; it can be safely practiced by both women and children. Besides, if you didn’t know this already, female boxing is going to be introduced as an Olympic discipline at the next Olympics.

If this article persuaded you that boxing is the perfect sport for total body toning, loss of weight offering physical and psychological benefits, you should go out, buy a pair of boxing gloves and bandages, and hit the punching bag with confidence. I guarantee you that the first training session will only make you want for more.

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