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Breakfast and Weight Loss Control

breakfast and weight control
Breakfast helps in controlling your weight!

I am sure that most of you are not aware of the direct relationship between breakfast and weight control. Recent studies, one of them conducted by the Harvard Medical School from Boston (USA), have proved that a steady and balanced breakfast can decisively control the human weight.

The study concludes that the people that have a habit of eating a proper breakfast in the morning, where 50% less likely to become overweight as the others that usually skip the first meal of the day.
An additional fact was that the more the breakfast consisted in fibers the less where the risk of getting additional kilograms.

This result can be easily explained. It is widely known that it is better to it in the morning more as in the evening. The eventual additional calories will have time to be consumed during the day. Else, getting them in the evening they will just add to our weight during the night sleep.
More, eating in the morning would split a balanced food consumption during the day. Imagine that you skip the breakfast. You will end up eating more than usual during lunch time and dinner and this will be obviously bad for your weight.

Late Sleepers Advice
An advice for the late sleepers. If you try to wake up early and are in an uncomfortable mood, don’t eat right away. Eat a slice of fruit, take a shower and as soon as you feel ready go for the normal breakfast. I hope that this advice will help you in the future.

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