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Build yourself an efficient weight loss program

weight scale A weight loss program is a schedule that a person has to follow in order to achieve his desired weight target. Obviously it is very important to apply an efficient strategy if you wish for positive results. Nowadays there are a lot of weight loss programs and strategies, some of them work other don’t. I will teach you the basics of such a strategy and each individual in function of his or hers preferences can identify a good program when he has to chose.The main ideas that have to be watched for while building an efficient weight loss strategy are:

a proper motivation, a good organisation, a clear and well set target and a good analysis. This are in my opinion the main factors that a person which wants to build a better body has to follow. Now let me share with you my point of view about all of this factors.

The proper motivation
First of all an individual that thinks about starting a weight loss program or not has to know exactly his motivation. Why is he trying to lose weight? Is it because he wants to look better and impress the opposite sex, or because his friends and relatives push him to do it (although he is confident whit his actual condition). There are lots of reasons for people to desire to have a thinner body. But there is one simple goal. When you desire to start a weight loss strategy you have to know for sure why you do it and to be 100% convinced that you want to go ahead. If you have doubts, most likely you increase your chances to fail and not get the positive results that such a strategy implies. If you are overweight and need a motivation to correct your condition than read this: Being overweight implies increased risks and predisposition to several diseases as a heart-attack for example. It gets more dangerous as older you are. So increase your chances to see your children’s happily ever after and see the weight problem as a health problem and not as a physical aspect issue!

Good Organisation
While designing your program you have to have in mind the organisation factor. Try to identify the key stages of the schedule and to divide them in to different time intervals. It is much easier to follow a weight loss program if you know for sure what your next move is. When I talk about organisation I mean a daily schedule that contains all your weight loss actions for the current day. Try to have it all scheduled at least one week ahead. It would be best if you do it with one month in advance. After you check the results monthly you can see how it works and perhaps operate slight changes.

Your Target
If we talk about the target, I mean what goal a human has when he starts such a program, in terms of the number of kilograms or lbs that he wants to lose after ending the schedule. I tell you from the start, that you have to set yourself a reasonable goal. You don’t need to add extra pressure. Just think that your actual body weight was built during an entire lifetime, you shouldn’t have to claim to lose all the over weight within a few weeks because this is exaggerated. Better do it steady and good, than fast and bad. :)Good analysis
This factor is important because you have to keep in balance many factors. For example you have to consider how much of your free time you want and can convert for the weight loss task. Write down in the table the time-frames that are available for you. For example if you have free hours only in the evening and you want to plan some physical activity you have to consider that you have to do it indoor. I hope that you understand what I mean by this…
Also while you do an analyze you have to see what types of weight loss strategy you include in your program. For example you want to set a program concentrated on physical activity, or on a certain diet or even lose weight by taking pills. Of course, that you can combine all three of them, but this only after a good research.

The Results
It is very important to know how to judge the final and the intermediate results. The intermediate results offer you the possibility to correct your diet along the way, while the final results will show you a clear view of how you stand. If you have followed all the steps listed above, most likely you will have an positive outcome and a negative kilogram standing. :P

Note: Do not weigh yourself daily! Or even worse several times a day. Do it as frequent as once every week. The weight loss might occur in steps and if you weight yourself at a bad point you can damage your motivation. Allow the program time to show it’s effect.


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