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Building a healthy nutritional program

healthy nutritional program
Learn how to build a healthy nutritional program

No matter if you are a weight loss seeker or if you are just trying to have a balanced meal and keep your actual shape, knowing how to build a healthy nutritional program is a must. A balanced way of eating can make the difference between a few kilograms added or subtracted during a year. Imagine that you don’t have a well adjusted nutritional program and you are predisposed to being overweight. Only 10 grams added on your bodyweight daily can bring you to an over 3.5 kilogram gain within a year. In order to avoid this let’s check out how a healthy nutritional diet looks like!

The first meal of the day must be rich in carbohydrates and albumins because these ones prevent you from getting hungry soon. You can drink milk, eat jogurt with cereals, cheese, a slice of brown bread, a boiled egg. Also, in the morning, on the empty stomach, it is indicated to eat fresh vegetables as cucumbers, tomatoes and green peppers. It is very important that you don’t skip the breakfast as it’s considered by many, the most important meal of the day. Simply because you start the day with it and if you miss the breakfast you won’t have the necessary energy to last during the day. You will get tired easier.

The heaviest meal of the day should contain weak proteins and a starchy nutrient that should assure you the necessary energy for the afternoon. So, you can eat a soup, a piece of corned beef without fats, a nice piece of fish or some chicken. The meat listed above can be eaten along with 2 or 3 spoons of rice or with boiled vegetables. Also good for after-lunch are fresh vegetables and pickles. If you are an active individual you should not avoid eating a desert as this is another source of extra energy.

Dinner is the last meal of the day. It should contain only proteins, because the resulted energy can be consumed by our organism until our bedtime. You can try a vegetable salad with tone, or some meat (without fats) grilled with salad or boiled vegetables. A cup of milk is also welcomed before bedtime as it will assure you an easy sleep.

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