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Burn 1000 Extra Calories per Week

in-line skating burns record calories
In-line skating the best calory burning sport!

A normal individual needs to burn around 1000 extra calories each week in order to maintain his bodyweight and diminish the risks of adding extra kilograms. The 1000 calories should be used spread out during the entire week. This can be achieved in several ways including various sports activities like jogging, cycling, playing ball sports and so on. Options for burning 1000 extra Calories during a week are presented in the following schedule.

Burn 1000 Calories per Week
– 3 jogging training sessions lasting at least 45 minutes each.
– 3 visits at the fitness gym for at least 40 minutes per visit.
– two 60 minutes sessions of aqua gym in the pool or in the sea.
– ride the bicycle 50 minutes, in an alert rhythm, twice a week.

Sports and their Burned Calories Ratio
Jumping Rope: burns around 350 calories in half an hour. Skipping pace is considered moderate.
Basketball: a casual basketball match consumes 400 calories/hour.
Dancing: 30 minutes of modern dancing request over 150 calories from your body.
Elliptical Trainer: burns over 230 calories in a half of an hour if used at a moderate pace.
In-line Skating: burns a record braking 400 calories within in 30 minutes of practice.
Martial Arts: also require an impressive number of 340 calories for 30 minutes of practice.
Pilates: uses 120 calories within 30 minutes of training on the beginners level.
Running: needs around 250 calories per half an hour.
Weight Lifting: moderate weight lifting burns 100 calories in 30 minutes.
Tennis: 270 calories per 30 minutes if played singles.
Swimming: requests 240 calories in a half of an hour.
Soccer: casual soccer takes 240 calories from your body if played for 30 minutes.
Cycling: at a moderate pace uses 270 calories.

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