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Acai Berry and Weight Loss

acai berriesThe acai berry is a fruit that has lots of health benefits, as all berries do. However, what about the claims of acai berry weight loss? Is there any truth in these little berries helping with obesity? It is very likely that you have heard of this little fruit somewhere. However, have you ever thought about what really is, and whether it is the wonder it is claimed to be? Basically, the berry comes from the Amazon and it has recently come out of South America to flood the rest of the world’s market. It has been subjected to a huge range of claims, with some being true and others being completely false. Read the rest of this entry »

Cinnamon and Honey Tea for Weight Loss

honey and cinnamonCinnamon is a true comfort food, it is cozy and wonderful. Not just that, however, it is really good for your body. It is a prebiotic, which means that it helps your overall digestion. There are various benefits associated with cinnamon, including:
• It reduces bad cholesterol.
• It helps to lower levels of blood sugar (in fact, every day, everyone should consume half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder, just to regulate levels of blood sugar).
• It helps with weight loss. Read the rest of this entry »

It is true, we are what we eat

we are what we eat Have you noticed that almost every time when a stressful day comes to an end, the need of eating something tasty, seems to appear out of the blue? Most of us are happy to enjoy a large pizza, french fries and different types of sweets to celebrate the end of a busy day. More, everyone is aware that most of the above mentioned foods are unhealthy, but they continue to have this habit. The most common excuse is based on the fact that one deserves to pleasure his body after a hard working day.

This general perception and the daily concessions regarding to the unhealthy eating habits are dangerous and result often in steady weight gains. People which can’t mobilize their will to follow a weight loss diet end up placing the blame on a series of outside factors as entourage, family or even on their appropriation to be gourmets.

Unhealthy eating habits are the main reason of overweight. Everyone can agree on how popular junk food nowadays is, however studies proved that eating junk food is rarely a biological need. Read the rest of this entry »

Best diet fruits summed up!

best diet fruitsHere is a selection with the best diet fruits. It is in fact a top 4 of the most recommended fruits during a weight loss diet. The fresh fruits are not only providing us a lot of extra energy but they also help us to maintain and obtain a fit body shape.

Lemons are some of the best diet fruits. They contain a substance, which prevents you from feeling hungry. This means that it reduces appetite and the amounts of food that you eat. Vitamin C is also found in lemons and is known for helping at the weight reduction process. A research of American experts, has shown that women who consumed daily a liter of water with lemon, during one year, lose 4 kilograms without any other effort.

The watermelon is rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers. It is also very nourishing, meaning that it can still easily even the hungriest. The watermelon helps your digestion, because it contains over 90% of water. It also reduces the appetite for sweets, because it contains sugar. A diet based on consumption of this fruit can help you to lose up to 4 kilograms in one week. Read the rest of this entry »