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Cinnamon and Honey Tea for Weight Loss

honey and cinnamonCinnamon is a true comfort food, it is cozy and wonderful. Not just that, however, it is really good for your body. It is a prebiotic, which means that it helps your overall digestion. There are various benefits associated with cinnamon, including:
• It reduces bad cholesterol.
• It helps to lower levels of blood sugar (in fact, every day, everyone should consume half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder, just to regulate levels of blood sugar).
• It helps with weight loss.

Cinnamon and Weight Loss
Cinnamon is able to deal with the sugars our body consumes, processing them in a healthy manner. Because of this, it may also be able to help reduce how much fat our bodies store.

A Recipe for Cinnamon Honey Tea
The following steps will help you create a gorgeous cup of cinnamon honey weight loss tea:
1. Boil sufficient water for one cup.
2. Put half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder inside the cup before adding the water.
3. Cover and leave to step for half an hour.
4. Once cooled, stir in one teaspoon of unprocessed, raw, organic honey.

Drink this tea twice a day, once with breakfast and once again before going to bed.

How to Drink Cinnamon Honey Tea
Cinnamon honey tea can be enjoyed cold, hot or at room temperature. It can also be reheated, but not if you have already added the honey. If you do, the nutrients in honey will be destroyed. Hence, a lot of people make a large bottle of cinnamon tea, heat up a cup and then add honey.

Different Types of Cinnamon
There are two types of cinnamon and they are both incredibly different. The first is cassia cinnamon, which comes from China. The second type if Ceylon cinnamon, which comes from Ceylon (Sri Lanka). To make cinnamon weight loss tea, you have to use Ceylon cinnamon, which is the only real cinnamon.

Cassia cinnamon comes from a different type of plant, which has different types of health benefits. Cassia cinnamon is very good for your heart health (as is Ceylon cinnamon), but contains far higher levels of coumarins. These help with blood coagulation, which means this type of cinnamon is actually dangerous for anybody who is on blood thinners.

To make sure you have the right type of cinnamon, remember that:
• Ceylon has a lighter colour
• Ceylon cinnamon sticks break very easily
• Ceylon is more often found in the whole food isle or specialist health stores
• Good supermarkets will make a note about which type of cinnamon they are offering

A Few Other Things to Remember
Cinnamon and honey tea has various health benefits, including weight loss. Added to this, it helps the health of your heart, builds your immune system, soothes sore throats and generally increases your feelings of wellbeing. Also, although cinnamon is good for you, you should not simply consume cinnamon sticks for weight loss. Not only is this dry and not very pleasant, it can actually make you feel slightly stoned. Instead, make tea with honey and cinnamon for weight loss and enjoy the many benefits.

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