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Does Calcium really help in weight loss?

Calcium weight lossFor many years there was a general belief that Calcium aids in weight loss. The theory was that this vital Mineral increases the levels of fats burned by our body. Recent studies tend to contradict this theory. An experiment was conducted by a team of scientists in Lausanne. They selected a group of overweight people that had low amounts of calcium in their daily eating habits.

All patients received extra Calcium under different forms during a 20 weeks period. The result did not show any positive results in terms of people burning more fats during the Calcium diet.

However this is no final verdict yet. Same scientist believe that Calcium plays indeed an important role in the human metabolism and weight regulation but this hasn’t been proved yet by studies like the ones performed in Lausanne.

Calcium might help us losing weight by controlling our appetite and preventing us from getting to hungry to soon. This has of course an important role in weight reduction as eating less spears our body to burn more fats.

As a general conclusion Calcium might be better perceived as a weight regulator rather as a weight loss ingredient!

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