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Drink Water and maximize Weight Loss

water and weight loss
Water and weight loss

A study made by researches of the ‘Charite’ hospital from Berlin reports that people that drink daily and important amount of fluids especially water, burn 200 more calories as the rest.

We all know that human bodyweight is represented in quantities of 70%-75% by fluids and water. Babies can reach 85% and the percentage slowly declines with aging. Water is helping our system to perform it’s daily tasks at normal levels. A lack of water will slow down our metabolism and the rest of the fat burning processes.

Water intake varies upon the climate in which we live in. During winter time or cold weather time when we sweat less our body usually needs around 2-2.5 liters of fluids a day. In the summer time, during hot weather the required fluid quantity nearly doubles towards 4-4.5 liters.

In order to achieve this goal you can drink 3,4 times a day 0.5 liters of filtered water between your meals. The rest of the fluids are gathered from other nourishments like soup, tea, milk and so on. This will guarantee that your system has enough water to work properly and you will maximize your calorie burning.

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