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Easy swimming weight loss workouts

swimming and weigh loss Swimming is one of the most complex fitness exercise available. In the same time it is very easy to perform, once you learn to swim. This article is intended for all those which want to complete their weight loss routine with another great workout option.

All those which don’t know to swim I recommend them to learn it first under the guidance of an experienced swimmer, or better a swimming teacher. Swimming is very easy once you learn how to go past your fears of water.

In this article I consider that you are already a basic swimmer and I will teach everyone how to use this sport for body strengthening and weight loss.

Swimming Weight LossPros and Cons
First of all let me underline that there are a lot of opinions about swimming and weight loss.
Many consider that swimming isn’t actually really helping with losing weight. They claim that swimming burns fat, but in the same time,they consider it a great appetite enhancer. Resulting that one will eat back all the burned calories during the first meal after working out.
The explanation is that swimming tires the body. This, mixed with the relative cold water found in the swimming pool results in an obvious appetite increase.
Others claim that the same tiredness which installs after a swimming session makes one inactive for the rest of the day and that most people just lay around or sleep after a vigorous swimming workout.

A big plus for swimming is that it tones your body starting with the very first session. During swimming we use almost all major muscle groups of the body. This means that swimming not only burns fat but it also strengthens the muscles and brings your body to look and to act fit.
It is true that swimming increases appetite and it is also true that most people are tired after a vigorous swimming session. But what if you can do something about it? No one forces you to stop at the first fast-food after you leave the swimming pool. You can easily arrive home and eat a balanced meal including some energy foods which will help still your hunger and regain your energy levels.
Another advantage of swimming is that it provides a very good alternative to running, cycling and other similar activities. It is a very good replacement, in case you get bored of your every day jog.

Swimming and Weight LossConclusion
To sum it all up here is my recommendation. Please note that I used swimming in the past as a weight loss workout and it worked for me. I recommend you do to the same. The idea is to avoid having swimming as your only workout exercise.
When you start your weight loss diet, try to build yourself a schedule. It’s best to write everything down on a sheet of paper. Try to plan everything at least a week in advance. You should include a balanced diet, a daily workout session and proper sleeping hours.
Swimming enters the plan in your daily workout session. It’s always best to have 3 types of physical workouts during the week. You can repeat each workout twice and have the Sunday off. You can include running, cycling and swimming for example and mix them out during the days of the week. Don’t schedule two swimming sessions in back-to-back days, just mix them as balanced as possible.
This way you will lose weight and maintain or even define the nice shapes of your body.
Don’t forget, swimming is an excellent exercise for toning up your body!

Swimming and Weight LossMaximize your results
Here are some tips for maximizing your weight loss results during swimming.
1. Always warm-up properly before entering the swimming pool.

2. Warm-up also after you enter the pool by swimming different styles and low pace for 5 minutes. Include breaststroke, backstroke and front crawl.

3. Never swim at your highest pace, because you will get tired very fast and waste precious energy.

4. Perform your training by swimming in heats of 15-30 minutes.

5. Don’t swim to slow, chose a moderate pace which you can keep up with during your entire heat. You can increase the pace in the last 2,3 minutes of the heat.

6. Take at least a 5 minute break between heats. You can drink some water if needed.

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