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Five unhealthy eating habits

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Five unhealthy eating habits

An old proverb says: „ You are what you eat !”. With other words, what you eat daily, will be seen in your body’s shape and reflect with your health. Without any further chit-chat, here are the five unhealthy eating habits:

1. Never leap the breakfast!
Begining the day with an empty stomach is the same as starting on the road using a car with no gas. This mistake leads to tiredness, irritability, reduces the capacity of concentration and the resistance to stress and in general reduces the efficiency of a human being. So, note it down on paper, with capitals: Do not miss your breakfast, by any means!

2. Avoid to salt your food excessively!
The way you perceive the taste of food depends on your own habit, but your gustatory sense can be reeducated in favor of your health. You can gradually decrease the amount of salt you use. This way you will discover the real taste food. It’s widely known that to much salt is not good for the human organism, so try to avoid this unhealthy eating habit.

3. You shouldn’t drink water during a meal!
The water is very important to your health, but the time when you chose to drink it is also very important. For a good digestion, it is recommended, to drink water only between meals. The latest time frame recommended, is half an hour before a meal. If you drink water during your meal, it will dilute the gastric juice, deteriorating the quality of digestion.

4. To cook in already used oil!
In order to make economy, a lot of housewives cook in already used oil, or in an oil that they already used a day/days before. During frying, the sunflower oil and corn oil, are hydrogenated and become toxic for our organism. More, a toxic substance results after frying, it’s a substance which can induce cancer. Less toxic are the olive oil and avocado oil.

5. You shouldn’t eat at the fast-food!
The fast-food meal is made out of refined substances, which have lost their nutritious properties. This food contains a lot of chemicals and toxic substances. Therefore, your organism will not receive the necessary nutritious elements and it will make an effort to eliminate the toxic elements. Adding to this is the widely known information that the fast-food eating habit is one of the most unhealthy one…. you should avoid it as much as possible.

Avoiding the above mentioned unhealthy eating habits will help you for sure to stay in a better shape and to take care of your body.

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  • Falynn Mitchell May 28, 2009, 4:19 pm

    Thank you for the habits…
    I break most of them exept for the oil thing