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Foods that can prevent cancer

cranberries prevent cancer
Some fruits and vegetables prevent cancer

Cancer is one of the incurable diseases of the modern world. Happily there are some vegetables and fruits that contain antioxidants. This antioxidants help in preventing the cancer. I collected a list for you with nourishments that are recommended to be consumed regularly for preventing cancer and improving our general health.

Broccoli – it is the most important vegetable that fights with the ovarian, cervical and the breast cancer. The broccoli neutralizes the toxins which cause the appearance and the development of the cancer cells.

Fish – a portion of 100 grams of fish diminishes up to a half the risk of the appearance of the stomach cancer. The consumption of red meat favors the formation of toxic bindery in our body. The fish is rich in vitamins, minerals and fat acids and because of that it must be consumed regularly.

Soy – it contains vitamins, minerals, albumins and fats in an yet unpublished combination. Rich in antioxidants, this vegetable protects the organism of breast and colon cancer and of the premature aging. For the females, the soy consumption in the menopause period helps in removal of the specific symptoms to this period.

Tea – the green and black tea contain special substances that warn the cancer, heart diseases and other affections. If you drink 2 cups of tea every day you diminish the risk of cancer appearance with 50%.

Carrots – rich in beta-carotene and vitamins. The carrots don’t improve only our eye-view but they also lead to the prevention of grave forms of cancer. The beta-carotene from carrot is a very strong antioxidant and extends the protection of our organism against the cancer. Another good news is that carrots keep their nourishment properties even after you cook them.

Onion and garlic – if they are consumed daily, they prevent the cancer efficiently because they contain antioxidants and vitamins. The regular consumption of onion maintains a low level of cholesterol and the consumption of garlic warns many grave affections, like cancer and heart disease.

Cranberries and similar fruits – they contains vitamins, minerals and fibers. The black currants, blueberries, blackberries and raspberry should be consumed in big amounts especially during their season. They have a strong antioxidant effect and the benzoic acid, that they contain, fights the cancer.

Nettle – the nettles are recommended in cure for couple weeks for the prevention of cancer. But you have to be carefully, the cure with nettles shouldn’t be longer than 6 weeks. More, the nettle tea help efficiently in weight loss diets.

Tomatoes – lycopene and the antioxidants from the tomatoes act efficiently in the cancer prevention. The effect is amplified if you prepare a natural juice from tomatoes and broccoli. The good news is that tomatoes keep their nourishing properties even after we prepare them.

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