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Four allies for a strong immunity

healthy immune system
Spike your immune system!

There are many nutritional theories, but the most of them are based on the idea of a well balanced alimentation, in order to maintain a strong general health. Excepting the albuminoids, lipids and glucides, which are necessary for the good functioning of our body, there exists a series of substances with a key role in preservation of the body resistance against some other factors, such as:
Biological: bacterias and viruses:
Chemical: drugs and pollution;
Psychical: over achievement;
Physical: visual factors, hearing factors, smelling factors and so on.
This factors are not mentioned in most nutritional programs, but as you can see they are also very important for our general health.

Here are some tips about the main groups of foods that contain the above mentioned substances:
Green vegetables and fruitsgreen pepper, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, asparagus, parsley, kiwi and apples.
This foods contain a big amount of A, C and E vitamin, with a strong antioxidant effect. The E vitamin helps the organism to fight against infections and the C vitamin has an important role in producing the lymphocytes, which attack and destroy the infected cells. The A vitamin protects the lungs from the cigarette smoke and the general pollution.

Dark colored fruitsblack grapes, tomatoes, bilberries, strawberries, blackberries, currants, plums, red grapefruits.
All of these fruits are excellent sources of bioflavonoids, a group of chemical compounds, which protects the human cells of the noxious action of free radicals. Also, the bioflavonoids have antiviral and anti inflammatory properties and an important role in preservation of the healthy arteries and retina or the hormonal equilibrium.

Orange or red vegetables and fruitscarrots, apricots, peaches, melon, mango, tomatoes.
All these fruits are rich in beta carotene, which helps to the healthy maintaining of skin and mucous membranes and it is acting like a barrier against the microbes. The studies show that the beta carotene is one of the antioxidant nutrient that has a significant role in the prevention of cancer and hearth diseases.

Green tea – it is considered the ‘drink for the eternal youth’. It has been demonstrated that it owns veritable antioxidant qualities and it has an anti-flu action. Because of his composition (essential oils, C vitamin, albuminoids, calcium, iron, fluorine), the green tea has a refreshing effect on the whole organism.

A proper way of combining the above mentioned fruits and vegetables can be found here.

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