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Green medicine for your eyes

green health for your eyes
Natural cures for your eye vision

In case you sense that your eyes start to bother you or if you want to prevent the appearance of future problems you landed in the right place. This article will offer you a natural solution for your vision and for the general health of your eyes. Do you have a foggy eyesight when looking at far away objects or rather to those that are close to you? Ar you afraid that this situation will degenerate? If the answer to the above questions is yes, the green pharmacy might be a real solution for you!

What aliments help you to improve your eye vision?
A diet rich in fruits, vegetables and plant infusions reduces the risk of eyesight deterioration once with aging. The above mentioned aliments are a source of vitamins and minerals for our body. Our organism needs them to maintain its healthy status. Let us check the natural medicines that protect your eyes:

The spinach: contains the A and C vitamins, iron, calcium and carotene and protects the retina from the solar burns and from the strong light.

The carrot: like all other vegetables of orange color rich in carotene, the carrots are very important for the diurnal view.

Onion and garlic: are rich in sulfur. Sulfur is necessary to produce the glutamine. Glutamine is an antioxidant which helps to the healthy eyes preservation.

The grapes: help the eyes for a proper nocturnal view. Also they will help you to adapt your view faster during the darkness and mostly during sudden high light variations.

The bilberries: have in composition bioflavonoids. Consuming this fruits will help our eyes to adapt easily to the darkness and contribute to the protection of the eye retina.

Eggs: are rich in cysteine, sulfur, lecithin and amino-acids. These prevent the formation of the eye-wall (a pellicula that forms itself on the retina that deteriorates the vision) and the deterioration of our view with aging.

Fish: provide the support for the cellular membranes. It’s recommended for the preservation of the eye health and is a very good anti aging remedy for your eyes.

Remember that our eyes are one of our important organs. Aging will deteriorate your vision no matter how hard you try to prevent it. But using the above mentioned green diets will help you delay and diminish the effects of aging on your eye vision.

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