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Honey Weight Loss and General Health

honey weight loss
Honey Weight Loss

Honey represents a natural source of energy and nutritious substances for our organism. The Greeks where among the first to recognize the nutritional qualities provided by the honey and because of that they called it ‘a gift of gods’. Honey is easy assimilated by our organism, because it has a similar composition with the human blood. In the honey composition, researchers found the B vitamins, organic acids and other beneficial ingredients.

Honey also helps weight loss. If you follow a weight loss diet, you should know that 2 spoons of honey and some water consumed on an empty stomach, will accelerate the process of losing weight. For the long term, if you replace sugar with honey, you will obtain a better balance in your diet.

In contradiction with sugar, honey contains a lot of substances, like growth hormones and enzymes, that have positive effects for our organism. Another difference is that honey is a natural product. This allows you to consume it in larger amounts. The consumption of sugar on the long term affects the organism in a negative way. Since honey was replace by sugar, the number of patients with dental caries raised 40 times and those with diabetes increased 100 times.

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