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Household Chores and Weight Loss

woman performing household choresHousehold chores and other tasks around the home are an absolute bore, aren’t they? However, have you have thought about how many calories you actually burn when you’re doing them? And that’s without purposely making them more difficult, like by adding weights and stretches. I’ll run through the calories you burn doing housework. Why not create a checklist for yourself that you can print out to keep track of how many calories you have burned? Simply put a tick next to what you’ve done and add them up!

Chores Inside the House
• Scrubbing the bath is the burner to top all burners. Half an hour of scrubbing will burn 200 calories! Plus, it tones your shoulders and arms.
• Walk home from your grocery store, because carrying full shopping bags will burn 190 calories in just half an hour. Make sure you carry your loads evenly, however, so that you don’t injure your spine.
• Spend half an hour making beds to burn 130 calories. This is the same as jogging on a flat treadmill for a quarter of an hour. It is, again, a great exercise for your arms.
• Get those windows sparkling and burn 125 calories in just half an hour. That’s like doing 20 minutes of power yoga! Plus, it tones muscles all over your body, because you tend to have to use your legs to get to hard to reach parts.
• If you were to spend half an hour loading and unloading your dishwasher, you will burn 105 calories. However, wash and dry them by hand and put them away, and you will burn 160 (as well as save electricity and the environment!).
• You can burn 90 calories by vacuuming for just half an hour. Do your whole house and you may just double that.
• Ironing, something many of us do for hours and hours each week, burns 140 calories per hour. Plus, it develops your upper body muscles.

Chores Outside the House
Yard work is insanely intensive in terms of workouts. If you have a garden, get out in it and get your green fingers out. You will be toned, thin and tanned to top it off in no time whatsoever! For instance:
• Digging for half an hour can burn as much as 315 calories. Plus, if you do it vigorously, you will get a great cardio exercise to boot.
• Get your car washed and build your stomach muscles and arms. Half an hour of washing will burn 143 calories.
• Get rid of those weeds and burn 115 calories in just half an hour. Plus, you will tighten your buttocks and thighs. Watch your back though!
• Get the rake out and rake those leaves for half an hour to burn 225 calories. Leaves offer resistance, which makes this a great type of weight training. It actually builds all of your muscles.

Some other Household Chores
There are three other things that you can do to burn calories. Climbing the stairs burns 285 calories for every 30 minutes of doing it, so make plenty of trips up and down your stairs. Painting and decorating will burn as much as 160 calories per half hour. In fact, even getting washed will help, because a half an hour shower and toweling yourself off will burn 70 calories!

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