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How to start a Jogging Training Session

woman starts jogging
Learn how to start Jogging

Jogging is a very important part of a weight loss program. It’s one of the best calorie burning exercises. This is why I split this subject in various articles, in order to cover this weight loss exercises as good as possible. I will begin with the way to start a jogging session and the reasons that should motivate you to do this.

With Jogging, I understand running at your own pace, for a considerable distance, as long as possible, without torturing your body. This type of exercise is good for our entire organism as almost all the muscles are involved in this activity. Jogging is beneficial especially for our heart and our cardiovascular system. It’s a good way to forget about our daily program and relax. One of the most important features, for many that run daily a few kilometers (miles,) is that jogging burns an important amount of calories.

I would split the beginning of a jogging session in the mental side and the physical side. The mental part is all about the motivation and how to teach yourself to go out and run. The physical side implies what you need in order to follow an adequate running session.

How to start jogging – Mentally
First of all you need to think bout the reasons that push you towards running and training. If you do this for fun or just because you like practicing sports, there won’t be a big deal as you won’t need any extra motivation to do it. The problems occur when you need to practice jogging, but you don’t like the idea. There are several ways that help you to go over this obstacles.

I would suggest that you go for a run together with a friend. It is hard to be a jogging rookie and to try to master it alone. If you jog with a partner or with more friends you will find out that times flies much more faster. You can chat about the last movie that you saw or about your favorite music hits and so on.
This is a proven fact. Every time when I go and jog alone, I find that time passes slower. When I am running together with my friends everything seems to fast and sometimes I stay for that extra mile because I simply enjoy it to much.

Running together with other joggers can also stimulate each other. This means that if one or more from the group have a better stamina, the others will try to catch-up with them, because the competitive spirit is always among us humans. Competition is the key that pushed us above our limits and resulted in a fast evolution for all fields.

How to start jogging – Footwear and Running Equipment
In order to start this fitness exercise you need to have the adequate equipment. Happily, for jogging you don’t need to invest to much money. Select your clothes depending on the weather and temperature. I always like to jog during nice water in a t-shirt and shorts. If you want to go to a higher level you can buy shirts and shorts manufactured with modern dri-fit technology that allows your body to refresh itself during the effort.

The footwear is an important factor for jogging. I usually go for the common manufacturers like Nike and Adidas when I select my jogging footwear. Products like Nike Air Equalon +2 for men or Nike Air Zoom Vomero +3 for women are quality running shoes that can help you boost your performance and feel comfortable before, during and after the running sessions. More about this products will be discussed in other articles.

Other Products
I would also recommend a professional sports watch, if your budget for jogging is large enough. With the current technology such a sports wrist watch like the Garmin Forerunner 405 can provide you a huge advantage in terms of data analysis and can guide your way during the running session.

Many like to listen to music when they jog alone. A small portable mp3 player might also prove itself very handy. You can listen to alert music hits that can give you that extra boost of motivation.

To top this additional jogging products section I also want to add the wristband. This product is used for cleaning your face or other parts of your body from the sweat that results during the training.

As a conclusion, I want to underline that you need to run with pleasure. If you see jogging like a torture it will be very hard to follow an efficient routine. Chose a nice pitch, preferably an outdoor sports stadium. It’s great to run on a running track as you can easily calculate the distance that you ran. Jogging in the woods or in the parks is also fun. Varying the training ground makes the exercise less boring. Good luck!

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