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It is true, we are what we eat

we are what we eat Have you noticed that almost every time when a stressful day comes to an end, the need of eating something tasty, seems to appear out of the blue? Most of us are happy to enjoy a large pizza, french fries and different types of sweets to celebrate the end of a busy day. More, everyone is aware that most of the above mentioned foods are unhealthy, but they continue to have this habit. The most common excuse is based on the fact that one deserves to pleasure his body after a hard working day.

This general perception and the daily concessions regarding to the unhealthy eating habits are dangerous and result often in steady weight gains. People which can’t mobilize their will to follow a weight loss diet end up placing the blame on a series of outside factors as entourage, family or even on their appropriation to be gourmets.

Unhealthy eating habits are the main reason of overweight. Everyone can agree on how popular junk food nowadays is, however studies proved that eating junk food is rarely a biological need. The desire to eat junk food is related to psychological and behavioral implications .

Junk food and nourishment with high caloric value are usually very delicious. Have you ever asked yourself why almost all diets prohibit the consumption of sweets? Sweets and all other sweet and high caloric nourishment are known that they open appetite and you will end up eating more and more.

A slower synchronization between our brain and our stomach occurs, most of the time, when we have appetite for a certain food type. Normally the feeling of fullness appears when out stomach is filled up, but the feeling of “I had enough to eat!” comes from the brain. The human psyche works using the principle of pleasure. When we eat one of our favorite foods the pleasure principle will control our psyche and the feeling of fullness will appear to late.

The statement “we are what we eat” is perfectly true. This is why we need to learn to eat the suitable food in the most suitable moment. This way everyone is able to avoid becoming overweight and can easily control their body weight. I have to agree that this approach is obviously different and less convenient if you compare it with the one allowing junk food, but this is a sacrifice which has to be made if you chose a healthy and balanced life.

How to deal with all the culinary attractions
1. Eat often
Try to eat often and light. Our body needs constant energy to accomplish its functions. This energy comes from food. If you eat rarely and a lot, the extra energy will be deposited under the form of fat. It is very useful to eat often and light. Our body will have constant energy and the sensation of fullness will persist, keeping us away from temptations.

2. Don’t leap meals
The more time passes after your last meal, the higher the appetite will be. As a result the next meal will be larger in order to compensate the big appetite.

3. Eat slowly
It has been proved that the delay between physic reactions of fullness and the physiological reaction can be solved by slow eating. This way the appetite will decrease steadily and we will be able to be more accurate in determining when our stomach is full or not.

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