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Learn how to Detect and Avoid Fats

detect and avoid fats
Detect and avoid fats

Fats are the main enemies for our silhouette. I think this is not something new for you, because everyone knows that the fats are responsible for the additional kilograms. What some of us don’t know exactly is what foods hide fats optimally and in what amounts. Knowing how to detect fats will be sure one positive step towards avoiding them. Here is a little help for identifying fats.

Detect Fats
The most oblivious place for big amounts of fat is the meat and especially the pork meat. Meat is easiest to detect and best advised to avoid.

Fats are also found in important amounts in sweets. It is a little harder to detect fats in sweets because there is a large variation of them. Fruit salads, jelly and even dry cookies are not that rich in calories and are accepted in decent amounts. But, any other form of cookies that contains toppings, cremes or chocolate are made using important quantities of margarine and butter and they end up in dangerous caloric bombs.

Calories are best hidden in sauces. The simple mayonnaise can transform a healthy salad in an unhealthy caloric warehouse. This is also applied on all other sauces that include oils and fried stuff as well as salads that contain a large quantity of oils.

Now try to chose your daily menu searching and avoiding the fats as I taught you in the above lines.

Top 5 Most dangerous Fats
1. Fats contained by meat.
2. Fats found in margarine.
3. Fats from butter.
4. Fats contained in oils.
5. Fats provided by olive oil. (best option)

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