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Learn how to lose weight when you sleep

lose weight during sleep
Healthy sleep – first step for losing weight

Human sleep can be the secret for a perfect silhouette. All you have to do is to follow a simple schedule of meals and to frequently practice a sport according with your sleep rhythm. The effects will appear immediately.

The sleep absence can influence your weight in a disagreeably way. The research studies show that the most people that sleep less than 6 hours a night are obese. The same people that sleep less are usually tired during the day. Being tired leads to no or diminished physical activity and the snowball of bad habits starts rolling.

The principle of this weight loss program, that teaches you how to lose weight while you sleep, is based on the control of the hormonal activity. When the night arrives, our body prepares itself for the night’s sleep. A series of hormones are released in our body.

The epiphysis produces melatonin, the sleep hormone. It makes us feel tired, advising us to go to bed. While you are sleeping, three hormones are very active: the growth hormone regenerates the muscles and burns the fats; the testosterone helps for growing new tissue and the leptin cancels the feeling of hungriness.
These hormones helps the organism to burn fats.

The menu according to your sleeping hours
Let me present you this weight loss diet for a person with a normal rhythm sleep. It is essential for you to follow the recommended hours for eating and you should also avoid to skip meals. Also, you shouldn’t have secondary meals between the main ones. Another important tip is to drink a lot of liquids.

Breakfast: It should be served between 6 and 8 o’clock (6-8 am) in the morning. It is indicated to eat carbohydrates, like muesli with fruits, brown bread with jam and honey. The animal albumins, like milk, meat, eggs and cheese aren’t allowed. You should eat the lunch after 5 hours and without any prior appetitive.

Lunch: there aren’t any restrictions about the food quantities you should eat. You have to take care to intelligently combine the albumins with carbohydrates, consuming spaghetti with vegetables, fish with rice and meat with potatoes. You should serve the dinner 5 hours after the breakfast. Between lunch and dinner you can drink water, tea or coffee.

Dinner: in the evening you shouldn’t eat carbohydrates. This means that the cereals, potatoes, spaghetti, sweet fruits or juices aren’t allowed. You can eat meat, eggs, fish, yogurt, cheese, vegetables and salad.

The positive results of this weight loss diet will be noticeable if you practice a sport in a regular way. It is indicated to play a sport after the lunch, between 16 and 18 o’clock (4-6pm). If the schedule doesn’t allow you, you can exercise before breakfast, if you are an early person, or before dinner if you are a nocturne individual.

The appropriate time to go to bed
It is indicated that at 22 o’clock (10pm) you should go to bed. This bedtime is very important. You should sleep at least seven hours per night, because this way the organism will burn between 70-100 grams of fats per night.

Important note:
– If you are used to wake up very early, subtract one and a half hours from the hours recommended above.
– For the individuals active during the evening it is recommended to add one and a half hours to the times recommended above.

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