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Learn simple body weight control tips and live healthy

body energy balance You probably heard many times about energy balance, energy intake, energy deficit, energy consumption and where not really sure about their exact significance, in terms of body weight control.

Here is a simple example about energy balance. Just compare your body with a car that’s running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A car needs fuel in order to be able to run from point A to point B. You need to constantly refuel, to keep it running, knowing that you can’t pour more fuel in, as the tank allows it.

Sadly, many of us don’t know that our body works in a similar way. We often try to push our body to work at its optimal parameters although we know that our “tank” is “empty”. This happens sometimes for hours. The second big mistake is that after such a stress we “refuel” with a huge amount of energy, which is equivalent to more than our “tank” can store.

Researches completed by various nutrition experts show how counterproductive the above presented strategy is. Lets assume that you have decided to lose weight and are planning to run, every morning, on an empty stomach, in order to accomplish your goal. You should know that, in this case, the easiest energy source for our body is the muscle tissue. The human body can convert amino acids (the “bricks” of every muscle tissue) in glucose. Glucose is the sugar which fuels our day by day activities. This way, everyone running on an empty stomach, ends up burning muscle tissue and this really shouldn’t be anyone’s goal.

Body weight control tips
1. Avoid starvation
One of the most important tips for controlling your energy balance is avoiding starvation. Many people which try to lose weight or aim on maintaining their body weight try to starve themselves. This leads to a big gap between meals. Eventually when they decide to eat, they end up devouring large quantities of food. After a large meal insulin levels raise more than normal and the body deposits more fat than needed.

2. Maintain your balance
The energy balance is the key to success if we want to control our body weight. Researches have shown that the best results are obtained when the energy intake-consumption ratio is balanced between the levels of 300-500 kcal (Kilocalories), equivalent to 1256-2093 kJ (Kilojoules).

Energy balance control tips
– Eat every morning, right after waking up.
– Eat something before you workout, no matter what time of the day you plan to do some sports.
– Eat something immediatley after your physical exercises, when your body’s energy levels are dried out.
– Schedule yourself a diet with 5 to 6 light meals per day.

Note: If you jog 10 km (6 miles) on an empty stomach you will end up eating as much as you would need for a 15 km (9miles) run. More, you will “manage” to lose muscle tissue during the run and deposit fat from the rich meal taken after the jog!

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