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Lose 3 kilograms in 6 days

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How to lose 3 kilograms within 6 days!

The summer holidays are approaching and the solution of the extra kilograms is still frustrating for you? You shouldn’t be panicked, because I have a solution for you. ;) I will present you now a simple and well balanced regime. It will allow everyone following it to go out on the beach with increased confidence and with a body lacking in overweight kilograms.

This weight loss diet should last 6 days and if followed entirely it should allow you to lose 3 kilograms. With some time spent in the gym, you could train your body for the summer period. During the summertime the hot temperatures and the nice weather encourage us the drop the clothes and get our swimsuits out of the wardrobe.

Now let’s check this miracle diet that leads to a 3 kilograms weight loss within 6 days:
The first three days
Weight Loss Rule: you must avoid bread and spaghetti. The glucids must be assimilated in small amounts from vegetables, fruits and lactates. You don’t have to give up to all your favorite foods, because you can eat a piece of chocolate or drink a glass of wine, but only occasionally.
Breakfast: When you wake up, drink a glass of water or lemonade. During breakfast, you should eat a low fat yogurt or 100 grams of cheese and 1-2 slices of complete bread with homemade apricots jam.
Lunch: It is recommended to eat grilled chicken chest or fish. For garnishing, you should choose 150 grams of fresh vegetables. Potatoes are excluded. In the fifth day of diet, for diversification, you may replace the grilled meat with corned beef. You can spice the vegetables with garlic, sweet basil, onion. Very important, avoid to use salt in spicing the vegetables. Besides these, you can drink a glass of fresh juice, made with the squeezer or you can eat a fresh fruit.
Snack: if you are hungry, you can drink some green tea or eat a fruit, excepting bananas, or you can eat a bit of chocolate or 50 grams of low fat yogurt.
Dinner: You can eat 150 grams of fresh vegetables, spiced with balsamic vinegar and 150 grams of fish. You can eat a piece of low fat cheese too. After you have eaten is indicated to drink a cup of tea.

The last three days
Breakfast: you should drink a green tea without sugar or a low fat yogurt and eat a slice of complet bread with a spoon of marmalade. Besides this nourishment, you can drink a glass of fresh juice, made with the squeezer. If none of this satisfy you, just eat a fruit.
Lunch: This time, you can eat 200 grams of fresh vegetables spiced with balsamic vinegars. The meat that you are allowed to eat remains the white meat, chicken chest or fish. Additionally, you can eat rice, potatoes, soy or bean, 40 grams of cheese and a slice of complete bread.
Snack: you can drink a green tea or eat a fruit, whatever option you like, 50 grams of yogurt or a piece of chocolate.
Dinner: you can eat 150 grams of fish or white meat combined with 150 grams of fresh vegetables, without salt and oil. Beside this, you can eat 40 grams of cheese and a slice of complet bread. Also, you are allowed to drink a glass of red wine. Before you go to bed, eat fruits with salad but avoid the bananas.

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