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Lose Weight – Eat Green Salad

green salad photo
Green Salad helps at weight loss!

Lose Weight – Eat Green Salad
You should keep in mind the above statement. Green salad is a very efficient weapon in the fight with extra kilograms. The elements of this vegetable stimulate digestion, drain and refresh the liver. More, green salad helps cleaning the blood vessels and regulate the activity of the endocrine glands. It contains iodine, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, arsenic and zinc. The green salad leaves also contain a numerous series of vitamins: A, B, C, D and E. This vitamins make the body stronger against infections and viruses.

Green Salad – Eating Habits
This vegetable should be eaten before and during the meal in a mixture with other food types. It can be cooked as a soup or sour soup. From my own experience it mixes so good with a nice portioned stake at lunch. In the evening you can eat a nice green salad mixed with cheese a little bit of oil and some fresh an natural drops of lemon juice. Eat healthy and you will feel healthy. ;)

Green Salad – Other Benefits
If you eat green salad daily, it will help you to grow thin because this vegetable is poor in calories and it helps a lot in regulating the metabolism. This vegetable will also help you to overcome stress and another important feature, it has an aphrodisiac effect. (this is an important positive aspect right? :P )

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