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Losing belly fat with the 45-degree extension bench

45 degree extension bench The 45-degree extension bench is one of my favorite fitness devices. I can usually use it only when I visit the gym. It’s large and solid, so I did not afford to buy one and store it at home.

This extension bench is very good in training the lower back and the abs and especially the obliques. Using it gradually and constantly will help you to lose the unwanted belly fat. The results are great although some hard work is demanded.

I always plan the ab-workout towards the end of my training session. For me, it’s the part which drains most of my energy and demands the most effort to accomplish. But if you consider that it helps in toning the waist region and helps at losing belly fight, you might agree that it’s a fair price to pay.

What I want to underline is that training your abdominal muscles, the lower back and in general the muscles from your waist zone, will help you to maintain and improve your silhouette. We all agree that the waist area is very important, especially for women.

45-degree extension benchWorkout Types
I recommend using this bench by performing two simple exercises:
1. The 45 degree hyper extensions for lower back.
These extensions are the classic workout done at the 45 degree extension bench. They build a strong lower back, develop the abs and isolate the glutes and hamstring muscles. I would also add that they provide a great definition to the above mentioned muscle groups.

2. The sideway 45 degree hyper extension for the oblique muscles.
This second exercise is a little bit more difficult. However it is a very good workout for your obliques, which are actually the diagonally arranged abdominal muscles, placed on either side of your torso. Training and strengthening this muscles will effectively make you look slimmer in the torso region.

45-degree extension benchExplained Workouts

45 degree hyperextension
1. The 45 degree hyper extensions.

How to: To perform this routine, place your legs as pointed out in the above image. Your hands can remain on the waist or place them at the back of your head. Lower your upper body and lift it back until it’s completely aligned with the rest of your body. Your legs need to remain taut and the motion should be slow, especially when climbing.

45 degree obliques extension
2. The sideway 45 degree hyper extension.

How to: This exercise is similar with the normal 45 degree hyper extension. This time you need to place your self sideways towards the bench like in the above picture. Please note that the girl presented above is using a different bench. However, I recommend the same 45 degree bench displayed at the first exercise.

Note: In order to efficiently lose belly fat using the 45-degree extension bench you need to perform the above presented exercises in heats. Use as many repetitions as possible per each heat. Start with 10 repetitions, and gradually increase to 15, 20, 25 as you gain more experience and strength. Train at least 2 times per week on this bench and try to increase your effort week after week.

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