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Losing weight as a couple

weight loss as a couple
Following the next diet for losing weigh as a couple you could easily
get rid of 3 kilograms within 7 days!

How many times have you decided to follow a new weight loss diet, but the copious meals of you partner made you to give up, before even starting? While trying to lose the overweight you need to take care of as many outside factors as possible. For example seeing someone eat sweets in front of you is not a good ambiance for a proper weight loss program. The worst situation is in a couple, as one of the members wants to follow a diet while the other member doesn’t need to do it and tempts his other half to eat not allowed foods.

In fact recent studies have proved that if a member of a couple is overweight, there is the bigger chance that he will bring his half to add extra kilograms than the other way around.
If your partner is involved in the same fight with the kilograms you can join forces and you will obtain your weight loss goal easier. In the next part of this article I will share with you a weight loss diet that can be followed together in a couple.

Before you start to keep the diet, you should take care to the next things:
You shouldn’t eat the same food quantities. Generally, men need to consume more calories as women do. As a general rule you should stick to 2700 calories a day for a man and 2000 calories a day for a woman. So, the female part of the couple should eat 2/3 from a portion eaten by her partner.
Men should renounce at the unhealthy eating habits. The majority of men eat albumins, carbohydrates, many fats and less fruits and vegetables. Because of that, the female’s role is to convince her other half to quit these bad habits and encourage him to eat more fruits and vegetables.
Women must educate themselves to avoid eating between meals. Usually, females have the habit to eat between meals and they like to ingest sweets especially, a lot of sweets. Many times, they skip over the breakfast, because they don’t have appetite or they haven’t got the time. In this situation, the males should watch out of their halves and to help them to avoid eating between the main meals.

You see that both males and females have weaknesses when we speak about weight loss diets. In a couple the male and the female can easily complete themselves and help each other to reach the common goal.

His diet
– drink tea or coffee;
– 100 grams of cereals or 3 slices of toast with butter and dietetic marmalade; or 100 grams of low fat yogurt; or 100 grams of low fat cheese.
– boiled vegetables (as many as you wish); or a portion of vegetables soup;
– 2 slices of rye bread;
– 150 grams of meat or 200 grams of fish;
– a salad from tomatoes and cucumbers mixed with a few drops of olive oil;
– 60 grams of cheese or 100 grams yogurt.
– 2 fruits (which one you prefer) and 100 grams of low fat yogurt;
– 6 digestive biscuits without sugar.
– a salad made from 2 carrots, 2 apples and one celery;
– 200 grams of grilled corned beef; or 200 grams of fish.

Her diet
– tea or coffee;
– 50 grams yogurt; or 50 grams low fat cheese; or 50 grams of cereals; or 2 slices of toast with butter and dietetic marmalade.
– boiled vegetables (at your discretion); or a portion of vegetables soup;
– one slice of rye bread;
– 100 grams of meat or 150 grams of fish;
– a salad made from tomatoes and cucumbers combined with a few drops of olive oil;
– 30g of cheese or 50g yogurt.
– a fruit (apple, banana, 2 mandarins, grapes) and 50 grams of low fat yogurt;
– 4 digestive biscuits without sugar.
– a salad made from a carrot, an apple and a single celery;
– 100 grams of grilled corned beef or 150 grams of fish.

General weight loss advices
1. Don’t go shopping when you are hungry.
2. You should aloocate at least half an hour for your meal.
3. You should avoid cooking with butter or sun-flower oil. Use only olive oil or grill the food.

Motivate yourself reciprocally!
The advantage of losing weight as a couple is that the partners can support each other, but they shouldn’t use an authoritative tone, not even when problems appear. You always need to be patient during a weight loss diet, and your partner could be a real help in need.

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