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Men and Women have different Weight Gain Patterns

weight loss patterns
Men and Women weight gain patterns
In order to efficiently fight with the extra kilograms, we need to know more about our vulnerable weight gain spots. I suggest you to read this article, in order to find out which parts of the human body are the highest exposed to fats accumulation. Surprisingly or not, men and women have different weight gain patterns. This means that men and women will first store the extra fat in different places.

Men usually have a particular overweight pattern. The males store the additional kilograms starting from the waist and climbing towards the abdomen, shoulders, neck and face. If the muscles in this regions are poorly shaped, the overweight effect is amplified even stronger, resulting in a hanging belly and other ugly looking fat formations. At this point the added kilograms should bother you so much, that you would like to start a weight loss diet urgently.

On the other side, when women gain additional kilograms, they are added especially in the lower part of the body. That’s why, often, overweight women have bulky legs and an increased butt size.

Due to the above presented weight gain patterns, men are more threatened by the overweight problems. Fat in the upper part of the body can lead to serious health problems. This idea is underlined by the most US insurance companies. They mention that when a man goes over 20% of his normal body weight, he multiples three times the risks of getting heart disease and any other cardio vascular disease.

Men and Women Weight Gain Patterns – Explanation and Solution
Men cause fats accumulation in the waist region by sitting daily an important number of hours at the PC, or at the office and after that in front of the TV at home. As a solution I would recommend practicing daily sports for at least 45 minutes. This will prevent males from adding kilograms. If you want to also lose weight switch on a weight loss diet.

Women need to go for long walks and weekly jogging sessions, if they want to prevent gaining weight in the leg and butt area.

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