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Music and Weight Loss are related

music headphones photo Yes it is true, music and weight loss are related. Better, from my point of view, music helps at weight loss and I will explain it to you why I have this belief. In my opinion music can has a positive influence for people that intend to lose weight. This influence can vary in function of different factors.
This article comes to underline the pattern used in this blog of healing overweight using natural ways, mainly movement and physical exercises. As you know music implies dynamism which can be linked easy with movement or physical activity. Here we have the main relationship between music and weight loss.

Basically I support the idea that music is one of the many factors that can help an overweight individual to lose weight. For example people that dance are doing a physical activity. Every physical activity burns calories and contributes to burning the fat stored by your body.
We can look at music while talking about weight loss from two different point of views: physical point of view (where we have dancing, aerobics and so on) and the mental side.

Music supported physical activities
Like above mentioned, dancing and aerobics are both physical activities that are sustained by music. And yes both practiced at a regular basis can be used as a weight loss exercise for a routine that targets the overweight goal. And besides that, dancing or aerobics are fun and represent an activity that can be sustained with pleasure. Often many individuals that follow different types of weight loss routines are not able to follow them until the end just because the most of the exercises are not something that you do with joy. Dancing does not fit this profile and you can do it at your home at the disco or even take dancing lessons. Often overweight people are to shy to do regular social activities like dancing just because of their physical look. Where if this is your problem and you can’t overtake it just fell free to dance at home or to practice aerobics in front of your TV, it is fun and more than that it’s healthy.

The Mental side
Do you have the sensation that when you hear music you often get your energy level up? If es this is great and it’s the same that I am experiencing… ok with the exception of hearing slow music late at night which makes me sleep in minutes time. But if you see the positive part of the situation sleep is the best method for our bodies to rest an restore the energy levels. ;)
Ok now let’s talk about listening to music during the day and it’s contribution to weight loss. From my point of view this is simple. I advice everyone to listen to music, usually a half an hour is enough and you will feel revitalised. And you might ask what does it have to do with losing weight? The answer is simple, more energy results in extra physical activity which consumes those extra calories.
Nowadays people usually spend a lot of time in front of the PC which is bad for our general health and not just for the weight loss view. The PC together with the Internet and the every day computer related needs make us more and more sedentary. If you just can’t drop on those extra hours at the PC, try at least to listen to music while you’re typing or scrolling. In my case besides rising my mental attitude I usually do some small dancing figures on my chair. Yes this is not much, but every single extra calorie lost is multiplied with days, months years and you can sum it up and see that those few calories that you drop in a day, after a year might represent a few kilograms.

Music and Hypnosis targeting weight loss
There are some that sustained the idea of healing the overweight problem using certain type of recordings that can induce self-hypnosis in order to help the patients to lose weight. There are different opinions about this subject and I will make a deeper analysis in a later article, because I find this branch very complex and intriguing and talking about it in an article paragraph would be superficial.

Here to underline one of my basic ideas for the weight loss issue is that you have to try to burn calories from every task that you complete during a day, day by day, month by month, year by year.
With the hope that this article was helpful I wish you once again good luck with your efforts. :)

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