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Natural Juice Recipes

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Natural Juice Recipes

How to prepare your natural juice?
During the five days of diet, you have to replace your lunch with a vegetable juice drink. For around 300 ml of juice you should need about 500 – 600 grams of vegetables. You should use especially white cabbage juice and carrot juice.

The celery, radish and leek juices have an additional role, because this vegetables are rich in natural oils. It is also recommended to add an apple, a tomato and some red pepper. After you prepare this natural juice add a teaspoon of olive oil. During the rest of the day you should eat a substantial breakfast and a light dinner before 6pm.

Another important tip! The prepared natural juice should be drunk slowly. You should reserve yourself 15-20 minutes to drink the juice. This way you will maximize the benefits.

Natural Juice Recipes
First day – Prepare the juice obtained from a carrot, two roots of celery, an apple.
The second day – Prepare the natural juice from 300 grams of white cabbage, an apple, one leek and a red pepper.
The third day – You need 300 grams of white cabbage, a celery, one carrot, two tomatoes and some garlic.
The fourth day – 400 grams of white cabbage should be mixed with three carrots and some arach.
The fifth day – White cabbage in an amount of 400 grams, a single leek, four bundle of parsley and a carrot should be mixed all together.

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  • ahmad yacoub August 24, 2009, 8:13 pm

    thank for the idea of the first 5 days i would like to know if you more recipies, thanks