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Natural solutions for the skin problems

natural skin treatments
Treat your skin naturally!

The redness, swellings and itches which appear on the skin surface could be a sign of dermatitis. This illness can appear on a patient after the contact with substances like paint, cosmetics, detergents, metals, medicines and also because of sunstrokes and excessive secretion of sebum. Also, these symptoms can be caused by an allergic reaction to a swallowed substance.
The skin is the largest part of our body that comes in contact with the outside world. Naturally it’s the first part of the body seen when people look at you. That’s why I consider it very important to have a healthy and clean skin.

Tricks to avoid the appearance of skin irritations.
– Avoid the clothes made from wool or synthetic fibers;
– Don’t stay in overheated spaces, with low humidity;
– Use lukewarm water for shower because the hot water can provoke dermatitis;
– After shower apply on skin several spoons of olive oil. Thus, you will prevent the water evaporation.
– Give up smoking because it aggravates the eczema symptoms. It is consisted that the pregnant women, which smoke in period of pregnancy or soon after, will born children with predisposition to allergic reactions.
– Avoid the refined foods because they weaken the organism resistance and favor the appearance of dermatitis and eczemas.
– You should follow a well balanced way of life.

How the skin problems can be treated in a natural way?
Through aromatherapy – in dermatitis treatment the essential oils of chamomile are recommended, because they have an anti-inflammatory effect. The essential oils of lavender are also recommended. Because of the lavender’s property to repair the skin cells. For appeasement of itches, you should apply a cold compress dipped in a bowl, combined with 200 ml of water and 2 drops of daisy and lavender oil and one drop of geranium oil. In combination with santal oil, the lavender oil has a softener effect. While the essential oil of beans has an antiseptic role.
Attention! These oils shouldn’t be used by pregnant women in order to avoid potential negative side effects.
If you have a skin swelling and dried skin, you should treat the affected zones, in the morning and evening, with the next blend of essential oils: add a drop of santal oil, 4 drops of lavender, 4 drops of geranium oil and one of beans oil to five spoons of olive oil.
To ameliorate the dermatitis symptoms, you should add in your filled the bathtub 2 spoons from this blend: 2 drops of daisy oil, one of tea oil, one of santal and six of jojoba oil.

Through fitotherapy – if you have a skin swelling, you should apply on it a compress prepared in an infusion of marigolds or you can apply on the affected area fresh juice of cucumber.
If you have a dry skin, you should apply on affected zone a compress prepared with an infusion of chickweed. To calm the itches produced by pimples, I would wash the affected zone with an infusion of chamomile or elder flowers. Also, in this situation the aloe vera unguent is efficiently too.
The nettles, the burdock and the myrrh are known for their anti allergic qualities. So, you should drink 2 times a day a cup of tea obtained from one of these plants.

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