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Oils that produce miracles

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Natural oils, a source of general health!

Let me share with you a few ideas about the natural oils that are healthy for the human body. In the next few paragraph’s I will explain about the oils that induce benefits for the individuals that consume them daily. The olive oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil and nut oil will be discussed below.

Olive oil
In antiquity, the olive oil was named ‘liquid gold’ and it was used as an aliment and also as medicine. This oil from olives has therapeutic qualities, because it contains fat non-saturated acids, antioxidant substances, calcium, potassium, and sodium. This oil doesn’t raise your cholesterol levels. More, if consumed daily (around 2 spoons) he reduces the fat mono-saturated acids level contained in the blood. Besides, the olive oil reduces the stress, protects the heart, the arteries, and the colon, reduces the gastric acidity. Also he aids in hepatic and biliary problems and has a laxative effect.

Sesame Oil
This oil is used specially in the oriental kitchens. It is very concentrated and because of that the sesame oil gives the food a special flavor. He contains a complex of essential fat acids which allow all the functions of our organism to work at the best levels. Lecithin, E vitamins and minerals can also be found in the composition of the sesame oil. The regular consumption of sesame oil leads to the diminution of the bad cholesterol’s level, while the good cholesterol’s level will increase. Although it’s resistant to oxidation, the sesame oil must be kept in the fridge.

Sunflower Oil
Refined or obtained through cold pressurization, this type of oil is most rich in E vitamins, essential for the protection of the arteries and the heart. Therewith it has role in the prevention of cellular aging. Also, the sunflower is rich with the A vitamin. This type of vitamin aids in the prevention of infections.

Nut Oil
Because of the high level of the fat poly-non-saturated acids (73-84%), the nut oil occupies the first place in the top of the recommended for people that suffer of hyper-cholesterol illness. The nut oil is indicated during the diets of the protection of the cardiovascular system. It has tonic properties in order to protect the brain, facilitates the sanguine circulation and he can be used as an adjutant in endocrine dysfunctions. Because it becomes musty quickly, the nut oil must be kept in dark places, at low temperatures.

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