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What to do When Muscle Specificity Occurs?

woman working outOkay, so you aim to lose weight or simply want to stay fit and hit the gym everyday. An arm day here or a leg day there, either way you are working out, so kudos to you! Even though you are staying fit, be sure to alternate your workouts to avoid muscle specificity. Alternating fitness exercises is highly recommended to all weight loss seekers and not only to fitness addicts.

What’s that you ask?
Specificity means only the body parts and muscles you work out will experience the training and show improvements. It doesn’t matter if we talk about losing weight or about getting fit, if you only work your upper body, like arms and shoulders, you can’t expect improvements in your lower body strength and fat tissue. [click to continue…]


Household Chores and Weight Loss

woman performing household choresHousehold chores and other tasks around the home are an absolute bore, aren’t they? However, have you have thought about how many calories you actually burn when you’re doing them? And that’s without purposely making them more difficult, like by adding weights and stretches. I’ll run through the calories you burn doing housework. Why not create a checklist for yourself that you can print out to keep track of how many calories you have burned? Simply put a tick next to what you’ve done and add them up! [click to continue…]


Why do I Gain Weight While Exercising?

woman with a scaleThere is nothing more frustrating than taking part in regular exercise and eating right, but still finding that you put weight on. You probably feel like you have lost an inch or so here and there, but when you step on the scale, it tells you something completely different. However, this is not the time to panic. When the pointer on your scale goes up, it is possible that you are being misled, particularly if you are doing everything you should be doing not to put weight on. Let’s take a look at the four most important things to know about weight changes, because that is actually what we are talking about here. [click to continue…]


The Impact of Obesity on Life Insurance

obesity negative health factorsLife insurance is expensive and if you are overweight, you may just find it becomes even more expensive. Being obese is certainly a factor that insurers take into consideration. In 2009, it was calculated that across 31 of the US states, 25% of the entire population is obese. In Mississippi, 32% of all adults were obese, which is the worst state of all for these rates. In the United Kingdom, 24% of men and 26% of women are obese. While the numbers haven’t changed since 2011, the said rates are still quite alarming, according to the National Health Service. [click to continue…]