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Popular formula for calculating your ideal body weight

ideal body weight Knowing your ideal body weight is the essential factor in determining if you are overweight or not. Comparing your actual body weight with the ideal body weight gives you a broad idea about how much weight you need to gain or lose to improve your silhouette and bring it closer to perfection.

The ideal body weight formula is used for obtaining the ideal body weigh using simple arithmetic. In fact, there are a series of formulas available, but most of them provide a similar result. They are obviously different for male and females. This arithmetic formulas take in consideration factors as height, age and gender.

You need to compare your actual weight with the ideal one before starting any weight loss diet. This way you will exactly know how much weight you need to lose to accomplish your target. Knowing how many pounds (kilograms) you need to lose will help you to carefully plan your weight loss venture.

One more very important overweight indicator is the body mass index (BMI), but I will handle this subject in one of my next articles. Further on I am presenting you some of the most popular formulas for calculating your ideal body weight.

Ideal body weight formula
As mentioned before, the ideal body weight can be estimated using various formulas. Some of the most interesting results are provided by the Lorenz equation and the New York metropolitan insurance company formula.

1. Lorenz Formula
The Lorenz formula was launched in 1929 and has two versions. One fore males and the other for females. You need to know your height and weight before you apply it. Here is the equation:
Female: W(kg)= H(cm) – 100 -[H(cm) – 150]/2
Male: W(kg)= H(cm) – 100 -[H(cm) – 150]/4

2. New York metropolitan insurance company formula
This ideal body weight formula resulted from the ideal weight tables and charts dating from 1943-1983.
Female: W(kg)= 50 + 0.75 * [H(cm) – 150] + (A – 20) /4
Male: W(kg)= 50 + 0.75 * [H(cm) – 150] + (A – 20) /4

The formula is presented in the metric version. You can convert standard intro metric using our own unit converter.
W(kg) – Your ideal body weight calculated in kilograms.
H(cm) – Your height measured in centimeters.
A – Your actual age.

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