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Sauna Weight Loss can be very efficient

Sauna Weight Loss
Sauna Weight Loss

Sauna was invented by the Finish people. This is why the sessions where you experience extreme heat conditions in a small room, where called Finish Saunas. The finish people used this overheated rooms for reinvigoration and for strengthening the body. The temperatures in this small rooms where starting from 70-80 degrees Celsius (160-180 degrees Fahrenheit and reaching up to over 90 °C (200 °F). Saunas where mixed places where people where allowed to enter naked using only a towel.

The sauna inventors never intended to build them for weight loss but this days modern saunas are also used to aid in losing extra kilograms. Further on I will concentrate only on the weight loss benefits that result from repeated sauna sessions. I will only remind you that sauna sessions are used for numerous health benefits starting with asthma and chronic bronchitis and ending with diabetes, arteriosclerosis, obesity, hypertension and smoking induced symptoms.

Sauna Weight Loss
Obesity can be threated with sauna sessions. As all the treatments that aid in weight loss they are not efficient while used alone, outside of a well designed weight loss program.

In order for the sauna sessions to be efficient against obesity, you need to follow a moderate diet. This means that you shouldn’t overeat yourself and also you should follow a healthy food menu. More, you have to combine sauna sessions with fitness exercises.

Sauna sessions help in eliminating fats from our body. It is known that fats become water-soluble starting with 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit). During this wet heat session our body is forced to eliminate a large quantity of excess water and if done properly it will also eliminate fats.

I recommend you to perform sauna sessions after your fitness training. This way the sauna heat will attack directly your fat reserves. I usually do sauna twice a week and perform fitness exercises 4 times a week. After a fitness training, I rest for around 20-30 minutes and proceed with the sauna. You should drink water during the fitness exercises and before the sauna. But NEVER drink water during the sauna and 30 minutes after it if you want to obtain a weight loss effect on your body.

A 30 minutes sauna session provides the amount of transpiration that is caused by 10 kilometers (around 5.5 miles) of jogging. There are several types of saunas including heat-storage types (smoke sauna, heat storage-sauna) and continuous-heat types (continuous fire sauna, infrared saunas).

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  • moses makumbi November 29, 2008, 11:20 am

    I do sauna and indeed it helps, it is something i reccomend for anyone who wants to loose weight however do it with some exercises too.