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Secrets to look fit for a special event

Girl in night dressYou know the drill: if you have a special event knocking at the door, a wedding, an anniversary or any official work related event you might feel that being just a pound slimmer might make you look better!

Many feel like this when they wear their favorite dress, business suit for the first time after a longer period of the time. The case is similar when going out the first time to the beach, after a few cold winter months or a long break. I am here to offer you good news. You can lose some weight very fast and fell more in shape for the above mentioned events.

You just need to start preparing your body about a week before the event. The best results are seen at the individuals that are usually not to active. A simple one hour per day physical exercise routine can offer a good shape to your body within only a week. All the muscles will be refreshed and your body will look at least a few pounds slimmer even if this is not the case.

People that follow this technique lose around 1-2 pounds in the 7 days of training. The idea is that your body won’t lose fat that fast, but your muscles will become more vigorous and make you look fitter.

So, just make a list with your favorite sports and plan your week out. You need at least 3 different sports. All 3 should make your body train a large area of muscles. If your list contains 3 sports activities, you can repeat each activity twice a week to complete your 7 day schedule.

Be careful to start easily the first 2 days, especially those people that are not that active during their every day life. You don’t need to overexert yourself. Sweat and muscle fatigue during the exercise is a sign that you are training efficiently. Do not forget to hydrate yourself properly.

One last tip, avoid to eat a few hours before the planned party. This can really help in most cases. An untrained ab will look much better with an empty stomach as with a filled up one. ;)

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