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Sleep Weight Loss and the Pape Diet

sleep weight loss
Weight Loss Sleep

Recent studies confirm that a proper night’s sleep prevents adding extra kilograms. More, proper sleep combined with a weight loss diet, can help you lose weight. The German nutritionist Detlef Pape ensures that the human body can be prepared to burn 70-100 calories during a healthy night’s sleep. This means that we could lose up to 3 kilograms (6.6 pounds) per month.

Another study conducted in the United States, that involved 18.000 subjects, concluded that 4 hours or less of sleep per night will increase the risk of obesity with 73%, compared to an individual that sleeps between 7 and 9 hours per night. For a 5 hours sleep the overweight risk stands at 50%, while at 6 hours it’s only 23%.

Pape, the German nutritionist, advises his patients to eat three consistent meals a day. He recommends larger meals at the start of the day, during breakfast and lunch, while for dinner carbohydrates are strongly interdicted. His goal is to energize the body during the day with the help of rich morning and lunch meals, while during the evening the body should be prepared for the night’s sleep.

Carbohydrates are causing our body to release insulin. Getting them at dinner would prevent the body to burn calories during the midnight sleep because of the prolonged insulin secretion. Pape also recommends his patients to quit eating between the main meals, in his attempt to reduce insulin secretion levels and to maximize calorie burning.

His weight loss program has been called The Pape Diet. I will cover in detail this German weight loss diet in one of my upcoming articles. Stay tuned. :)

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  • dada December 29, 2008, 12:34 am

    Coul’d u please explain to me more about The pape diet what do u eat normally and do you count calories? About this diet everything is in german and 3 persons which i know lost 32kg (in 7 months), 17, 10kg. The lady said that she is haveing 2,3 tosts with marmelade in the morning, or serials with orange juse, 5 hrs eat nothing (*only water and green tea in between, no sugar), than mix carb and protein (but how much? do u get full?) nathing 5 hrs (*) and for dinner proteins sallads, chees, olive oil,meat (what kind of meat? how much? when do u eat nuts? do u drink milk?)

    Thank u