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Stationary exercise bicycles

stationary exercise bicycles
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One of the best fitness machines for burning fats and losing the extra kilograms is the stationary bicycle. It’s a wide spread exercise machine as it can be used by every individual, no matter of age, sex or location. This fitness bicycles can be used Indoor and Outdoor and don’t need any special maintenance as an usual household gear.

As you can observe in the above picture, usually a weight loss bicycle looks similar to a normal bicycle. The major difference is that it doesn’t have wheels, so you won’t move while pedaling. This modern fitness equipments have multiple functions, the advanced ones have pulse readers and an internal mini-computer that records the exercise time, displays your pulse, the actual and the average speed, calculates the virtual distance covered and the amount burned calories. Because of this they are also called cycloergometers.

The seat and the handle can be adjusted as you do it with a normal bike. In fact, a normal street bike can be also transformed in a stationary fitness bike if you place on them bicycle rollers or a trainer.

The pedaling resistance mechanism is the most important point of a weight loss bike. For the modern ones the resistance level can be easily adjusted so that you will need more energy to ride at the same speed. This will lead to an increased number of calories burned and to a lighter body. The resistance mechanism can be based on friction and magnets.

Weight Loss Tip !
My advice is that everyone seeking for losing weight should have a stationary bike in his or hers room. The best times to use it from my own experience is in the morning and during the evening. For example I recommend you to bike on your exercise machine each morning after you wake up. Very important, do this before you eat your breakfast. Why? The explanation is simple. When you wake up, your stomach is empty and the body will need to get it’s energy levels from it’s own resources. Your organism will start burning fats if it finds no other source of energy. It’s important not to overexert yourself. Keep in mind that in the morning you are also vulnerable, because you haven’t eaten yet. Don’t go for marathon training sessions that might bring you unwanted secondary effects. I would suggest 20-30 minutes of moderate training. It’s enough if you are sweating at the end of it.

Take a shower and go for the breakfast and your normal daily routine. Depending on your goals, you can also add another biking session in the evening before the dinner. If you choose two sessions of ridding your stationary bicycle it’s best to make them moderate training sessions. If you go for an afternoon ride, you might go for a full throttle one, but don’t do it daily.

Note !
This stationary exercise bicycles are also called: cycle ergometers, cycloergometers or simple bicycle ergometer!

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