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Stay fit with fruits

fruits basket
More fruits, more energy!

You need more energy, but you are afraid of calories? Then, you should choose the fruits! They contain vitamins and minerals, which deliver energy for your body.
Extra energy means increased physical activity, which leads to an increased number of calories burned. Ding!!! Yes, you got it. It eventually leads to less kilograms. ;)

Bananas – are rich in vitamins and minerals. Banana is the exotic fruit that provides the largest energy level and maintains your shape all day long. You should prepare a refreshing salad made from 2 bananas, 50 grams of pineapple, 50 grams of cheese, a spoon of honey and the juice made from half of an orange. Cut the bananas, the pineapple and the cheese, add them in a bolus and combine them with honey and orange juice.

Peaches – are fruits rich in A and C vitamins, potassium, calcium, iron and antioxidant substances. The peaches contribute to the hydration of our organism and keep the muscles fit. For a quick but yet efficient appetitive, you need 2 peaches, a spoon of fig, 100 grams of cheese and 6 walnuts. Cut the peaches, pound the walnuts and blend them with the cheese and figs. You will obtain a nice meal rich in vitamins.

Apricots – are fruits that provide you that extra energy needed during a busy day and make you fell much better. Two apricots a day are necessary for satisfying the daily needs of beta-carotene. The beta-carotene helps in preventing aging. More than that, the apricots are rich in potassium, substances which maintain a normal level of liquids in our organism. The feature that makes them interesting from the dietetic point of view, is that apricots are considered ‘light’ food, with a content of only 28 calories measured at 100 grams of fruits.

Strawberries – From the chemical point of view, the strawberries innervate the organism and slow down the aging process. More, these fruits have a diuretic effect and stimulate the uric acid elimination, of toxins and cholesterol. All you have to do is to eat 250 grams of strawberries a day.

Apples – The apple is abundant in A, B and C vitamins, and in nutritious substances as magnesium, phosphorus, iron and potassium, which have the role to decrease the cholesterol within the human organism. The apples are recommended for diets. They have a diuretic effect and contain natural sugars, helpful for maintaining our body functions at a normal level. It is recommended to eat 3-4 apples a day, one of them immediately after you wake up.

Cherries – The consumption of cherries aids the digestion, ameliorates the feverish states and warns the gout. The cherries contain significant amount of water and that’s why they help in purifying the organism through the elimination of toxins and normalization of the intestinal transit. More, these seasonally fruits are rich in A and B vitamins and minerals. In order to successfully detoxify your body, it is indicated to consume an amount of 0.5-1 kilograms of cherries.

Plums – The plums are fruits rich in water, with an important role in elimination of toxins. The dry plums have a major content of sugar but less water and vitamins. The caloric content is different. For example the fresh plums have around 45 calories and the dry plums provide 200 calories.

Pineapple – This fruits favors the absorption of albumins and contain the A pro vitamin. For a seasonally salad you need a half of a pineapple, 250 grams of carrots, sliced into pieces, a lettuce, a spoon of honey and 50 grams of natural yogurt. Cut the pineapple, add the carrots, the lettuce and the honey. You should serve the salad with a bolus of fresh yogurt.

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