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The artificial sweeteners can lead to overweight

artificial and natural sweeteners
Artificial sweeteners are a danger for your health!

Imagine yourself this situation. You don’t follow any special weight loss diet, but you have significantly reduced the amount of bread that you eat. You also intake only light foods and you even practice sports. Consider that you strictly follow the above steps and still don’t lose weight! Strange isn’t it? Let me tell you which the possible problem might be.

The sweeteners are chemical substances which have the role to replace the sugar. They have a power of sweeting from 30 to 2000 times higher than sugar. Because of that, the caloric contribution is insignificant, as dramatically less amounts are used.
The artificial sweeteners can be found in drinks, light aliments and especially there where sugar should be used. The most known are: saccharin, aspartame, sorbitol, maltitol.

The recent scientific researches showed that this sweeteners can be very dangerous for our health and they can lead to extra kilograms, outbalancing our metabolism. The human brain is ‘built’ and set that when it detects the sweet sensation, it also waits for the afferent calories. Using artificial sweeteners, these expected calories aren’t delivered to our organism, and in time, this leads to a big problem. Our body will lose its born ability to ‘count’ the number of provided calories. Once this mechanism is disturbed and not functioning properly anymore, the humans tend to eat sweets and foods that are sweeter and sweeter.

This is a possible explanation of the fact that the more people consume light foods, they tend to add kilograms instead of losing them and the number of those affected by obesity is higher.

Usually, when the sugar levels need to be diminished, the content of fats or salt will automatically rise in order to compensate any change in food taste. Therefore, it is indicated to read the etiquette before you buy a product and see what and how many chemical substances are used.

The most ‘gentle’ secondary effects of artificial sweeteners are the intestinal disturbances. This chemicals can also affect the nervous and renal system. Some researchers consider that some sweeteners may produce cancer, but this hasn’t been proven yet.
In conclusion, the fact that sweeteners don’t contain calories create a strong metabolic stress. This fact favors the appearance of grave diseases like obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular illnesses.

On the other side, the natural sweeteners are recommended for a weight loss diet and are beneficial for the general health. Some important natural sweeteners are: honey, granular fruit sweeteners, stevia and others that can be found here.

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