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The Australian Open makes you want to lose weight

Playing tennis and losing weight
It has been a while since I provided a new post for the WeightLossNote. The fact is that I am quite busy in this period of my life and sadly, I had to neglect my blogging hobby. Today I decided to post because I’ve been watching the Australian Open all week and I couldn’t abstain myself on sharing you the feeling that the Grand Slam tournaments bring.I am not sure if you feel the same but in my case, watching the Aussie Open inspires me to play this sports too. This should explain that I already played tennis twice this week and I have another booking for this afternoon. Watching the likes of Jelena Jankovic the Williams sisters and of course all the stars from the men circuit: Rafael Nafal, Roger Federer, Andy Roddick, Andy Murray and so on makes me regret that I did not practice this sport as a professional level.

Did you know that 30 minutes of tennis help you burn around 300 (Kcals) calories. Considering that an average individual can easily play singles for 1 hour, we can conclude that you could drop 600 calories, having fun and building your health in the same time. If you play doubles the above values drop with about 30%.

OK, hopping that I determined you to play some tennis I will go now to watch the second set of Safin vs Federer. If I wasn’t that convincing watch the Australian Open live yourself and perhaps you will find your motivation and discover the sportsman from within. ;)

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