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The Diet with Proteins

weight loss protein diet
Protein Diet – Lose 4 kilograms in 14 days

The diet with proteins is another good choice for someone that intends to lose weight. The most nutritionists say that if you want to lose weight efficiently and permanently, you don’t have to eat less. Instead, the is to eat healthy aliments based on proteins.

By eating less you will manage to lose weight, but as soon as you get back your regular eating habits you will gain it all back. By teaching your body to lose weight by eating healthy you will acquire new habits that will allow you to maintain a weight balance easier.

The foods based on proteins are very healthy. Further on, I will share with you a list with recommended aliments that are recommended for this protein weight loss diet.

The Diet with ProteinsRecommended aliments
Fish, seafood, shellfishes are rich in proteins and have low fat levels;
Meat – you can eat turkey, chicken, chicken liver, pork liver;
Dairy Products – You can eat dairy products but only those who are low fat;
Fruits and vegetables – are recommended in any diet. The most proteins are found in garlic, broccoli, mushrooms, spinach, red fruits, kiwi, pommel, orange, cabbage, beans, peas;
Seeds and oleaginous fruits – nuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds, sesame, pumpkin seeds, pistachio, almonds.

The Diet with ProteinsMeal Options
1. 250 ml of low fat milk with 50 grams of complete cereals, a cup of coffee without sugar or a cup of sugarless black tea;
2. 2 slices of ham, a slice of complete bread, a coffee or some black tea without sugar;
3. 250 ml of fresh juice, a slice of complete bread, 50 grams of cottage cheese and a coffee or some black tea without sugar.

1. a fruit;
2. 50 grams of low fat yogurt;
3. 20 grams of seeds or oleaginous fruits;

1. 200 grams of grilled chest chicken, , 150 grams of vegetables salad spiced with salt, olive oil, lemon, and a slice of complete bread.
2. 200 grams of grilled fish, 150 grams of boiled vegetables (green beans, peas and carrots) spiced with salt, lemon and a slice of bread;
3. 200 grams of grilled white meat, 150 grams of cabbage salad and a slice of complete bread.

1. 200 grams of boiled vegetables spiced with salt and lemon, 100 grams of grilled fish. You can adda fruit, whichever you want.
2. 100 grams of boiled meat (chicken or turkey), 100 grams of low fat yogurt, an apple;
3. 100 grams of chicken or pork liver, 150 g of boiled broccoli spiced with salt and lemon, a fruit whichever you want. Try to avoid bananas though.

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