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The food pyramid for a healthy nutrition

healthy food pyramid
Follow the above food pyramid for a healthy life!

The food pyramid can be compared with the A,B and C of healthy eating. It’s not only a guide for a weight loss diet, it’s a guide for every healthy diet and for the natural way of eating. Following the above list of aliments should help you to chose the best nutritional strategy.

In the food pyramid, the base is formed by the aliments which can be eaten in unlimited amounts at every hour of the day. As we climb towards the top of the pyramid restrictions are getting stricter and stricter. Foods from the top of the pyramid are the ones that are the less recommended.

The Food Pyramid composition:
Lowest level: Water and other liquids in abundance on all day. No alcohol allowed.
Second level: Fruits and vegetables from different colors should be consumed 5 times a day.
Third level: Cereals, bread and paste. Aliments from this range should be consumed during the main meals of the day.
Fourth level: Meat and other lactates should be ingested daily but only occasionally.
Top level: Fats, oils and sweets have to be eaten in reduced amounts

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