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The natural juice diet

natural juice diet
The natural juice diet

The natural juice diet has a lot of benefits and many reasons and everyone could start it in order to have a healthier life. Vitamins, minerals, nutritive substances and an excellent taste all this are the benefits of this natural juice diet. In only 5 days you could lose 2kg in weight and also you will fell much better and refreshed. You want to know all the details?

The natural juice diet – White Cabbage Juice
The Cabbage Juice is one of the most advised natural juices out there. It contains natural salts, vitamins which consolidate the whole organism, stimulate the digestion and eliminates the toxines from our body. At the same time the cabbage juice helps in the breathing ways and is used for treating ulcer, gastritis and bronchitis.

The natural juice diet – Carrot Juice
The Carrot Juice contains a lot of iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, vitamin A which strengthens the human immunity and it also delays aging. If consumed daily this natural juice eliminates the toxic substances from the body, assures healthy skin and helps in preventing cancer.

The natural juice diet – Other Juices
The celery juice has also positive effects on the human body. It favors the elimination of the water in excess lying in our body. The radish juice is rich in etherized oils. It has a diuretic effect and it should be consumed daily combined with other natural juices. The leek juice helps cleaning the kidneys. You should combine it with other vegetable juices, especially carrot and celery juices.

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