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The New CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet

the csiro diet book The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) is a government research department set up in Australia and aims to look into various research leads to better humanity. It has come up with many notable innovations in its time, but the one we will feature here is the CSIRO total wellbeing diet – one of their most controversial publications. They have recently brought out a new, updated version which offers some improvements to the initial CSIRO diet plan.

The CSIRO diet has been described by some as the best diet to lose, and maintain, weight. It is also claimed to be a very safe way to lose weight and is backed by scientific research. CSIRO is one of the most respected research bodies in Australia and so the diet has won over the support of half a million Australians, and 100,000 others worldwide.

The CSIRO wellbeing diet is a 12-week diet and includes everything you need to make the diet period go as smooth as possible – it details exactly what you can eat for breakfast, lunch and tea and provides recipes for all these meals. The diet mixes high protein and high carbohydrates, as long as the foods have a low GI.

The typical CSIRO diet plan sees you eating oats and fruit for breakfast, followed by a wrap or wholemeal bread sandwich with filling for lunch. Dinner can be almost anything but should be accompanied with plenty of vegetables – you should follow either the high protein or high carbohydrate route for dinner. Allowances are made for desserts and there are plenty of recipes for sweet dishes in the book. The new CSIRO diet plan also includes grocery lists and tells you what sort of foods to buy in supermarkets. You should typically be buying foods that are sold ‘on the edges’ of the supermarket as this is where your fresh fruits and lean meats are found. It further tells you which versions of certain foods are the best ones to pick. The key point that people make about the foods associated with the CSIRO total wellbeing diet is that you don’t feel like you’re eating diet foods.

If you’re still sceptical then there are countless stories about the diet’s effectiveness available on the internet. There are many stories of people losing as much as 4kg in their first week of weight loss, or others who have averaged over 1kg per week for a considerable amount of time.

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